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TOPIC: the most useless opening acts for priest
[Bazookajoe_666] Saturday, September 27, 2008 5:49:24 PM 

Your an ignorant prick you know that right? How come only your opinion matters and nobody elses? This is the first time I can remember reading anything from you and you really come off as a total fuckhead.

Your wondering why Black Sabbath (Or Heaven and Hell if you wish) is NOT playing DIO's solo bands songs.......................................... ......................    ..........???  That doesn't even make fucking sense man!

Why on Earth woudl Sabbath play another bands songs? Who cares if current or past members participated in the righting of those songs? That's like saying:

                    - "Well why doesn't Megadeth play Metallica songs, Dave wrote some of them?"

                    - "Well why doesn't Black Sabbath play Rainbow or Elf songs?"

                    - "Why doesn't Simple Plan perform If I Die Tomorrow? They co-wrote it with Crue."

                    - "Why doesn't Sabbath do Ozzy solo songs? Ozzy's with Sabbath, and he has big hits!"

See what I'm saying, it's fucking stupid and makes no sense is what I'm saying.

Let's look at the fucking facts here alright?

Your using Ted Nugent as a backup for your arguement and his time with Damn Yankees. Damn Yankees have 2 studio albums, do you REALLY fucking think there gonna play ALL of there songs when there a fucking "super group" that was just a bunch of guys doing something for the hell of it? They all wrote amazing material in different bands, and barely had any songs of there own to performe live. Fuck man, think this through would ya?

The Eagles arguement isn't much better man. You can't say you're right and everyone else is wrong just because that's what YOU want or what YOU think. Get a grip buddy. The Eagles play the member's solo songs because they want to for Christ's sake! They all agreed on it. I forget who said it, but on there Farwell Tour 1 DVD, one of them was talking about the solo songs and why they performe them. They said they COULD HAVE BEEN EAGLES SONGS ANYWAY! Remember, The Eagles aren't 4 guys writing songs together, it's 4 guys writing songs by themselves and sometimes as a pair, like the Beatles. There probably one of the few exceptions for bands that do this, and NO, it is not common for bands to do this at all. Remember the Eagles don't have that many good songs to performe a 3 hour show anyway. 

Solo artists perform there other bands songs because most of the time THEY DON'T HAVE ENOUGH SONGS TO PLAY and they LOVE PLAYING THOSE SONGS ANYWAY!  Like Rob Halfor's first solo band Fight. They performed there whole album because the whole fucking thing was raw aggression and all the songs rocked. BUT they also played Priest songs, and Sabbath tunes, because they needed more songs for the show sometimes.

I'm not trying to be a dick and say your wrong, I'm saying you NEED to open your fucking mind to other peoples opinions, and accept that sometimes your not right. 

And as for you not liking The Metal Masters Tour, that's your opinion, but what the fuck are you into if you seriously don't like Testament, Motorhead, OR Heaven and Hell? I think there all amazing bands and earned there right to be called that.

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