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TOPIC: Spur of the moment...
[lalouve] Thursday, September 25, 2008 3:36:41 AM 
I was not looking down at all, and maybe the word "prudish" is not the correct word to use. I had to look for a translation of the french word for it as I had a "vocabulary blank" and I might have picked the wrong one amongst all those given. I was just trying to say that nudity is a more open matter in europe than it is in the usa, at least in the part I use to live in.

And I don't hate you country at all. I don't envy it either. I don't envy any country.
Your response to my post was also typical of what I heard a bit too often when I was there so it brought some painful memories back. But hey,  I also have some good ones of course ! And I still keep in touch with some people, even after over 20 years of beeing back in Switzerland.

It sure looks like this fight was due to a language barrier. So, how about having a virtual drink together and forget all about it ?
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