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TOPIC: Spur of the moment...
[.] Monday, September 22, 2008 9:36:11 PM 
Yes, they are intended to be juvenile, quit feeding me bullshit, I ain't having none of it today.
 There is something very wrong if the ADULT, GROWN UPS, over 30; the over 40 crowd is posting and looking at pubescent looking women with absolutely no body hair. If women posting this sort of crap are doing it, I don't want to meet the lesbians.
I already knew as soon as I got fed up enough to write and post FINALLY about it that I would get the same sort of OLD tired replies every time the issue comes up. It's worthless arguing against this sort of low brain power but because sometimes, I, as a victim of sexual harrassment and abuse, I get fed up and I recognize it for what it is. If you want to appreciate this type of female form, personal-message it between yourselves.

The appreciation for the female form comes in more shapes and forms than the teen wearing barely nothing in sexual poses. A woman is a full grown female ADULT. The forms are natural without any silicone enhancements, NO airbrushing to remove any perceived wrinkles or moles and OVER 21. They can be OVER 31, OVER 41, OVER 51. 
The standards of this "community" is absolutely a bunch of HYPOCRISY talk. If a handful of women finds it funny, there are thousands more who think it's not.

I'm not a feminazi, sometimes I get fed up of being used but with the prevalent attitudes of pubescent teens in men old enough to exercise constraint and take their "appreciation for the female form" elsewhere where they'd be less constricted and more thouroughly enjoyed, ya know, wears me out. 
Why doesn't Rob Halford himself, who appreciates the male form, why doesn't he have a bunch of pubescent looking naked guys on his website? 

Why do *I* have to deal with your sexual preferences here, even though I am very aware each JP member is not assexual?

As I said, I'm not a feminazi or a prude, but sometimes, sometimes, I'd like these threads to not exist in this website. 

I'm venting and wasting my time because ignorance and stupidity will always win out.

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