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TOPIC: Sydney Australia Gig
[Scott Gavin] Sunday, September 14, 2008 12:44:19 AM 
I was there too with my wife. Show went off allright! We were gold reserve standing [ not that it mattered as all tickets were $ 60 for the last couple of weeks so you could have gone where ever you wanted]. Was happy to stand at the back of the front section, but my wife said no and dragged me up to ... the front. No kidding , right on the barrier, front row. I hadn't done that since I was a teenager, there were plenty of gaps in the crowd so it was pretty easy to get there. Rob and the guys were literally about 4 feet away, it was insane and I am unable to digest the fact quite yet. It was a hell of a trip, we only had 5 hours sleep out of 48, and it ended up costing us close to $3000 but it was so worth it. Gig was awesome, setlist was exactly the same as rest of tour so unfortunately no surprises. Felt bad for the guys in the bars before hand all singing Turbo Lover, seems a lot of people wanted to hear that. Faultless performance, on time, on the money. Couldn't believe the singalong to Angel and Green Manalishi. Painkiller was crushingly [literally] intense in the front row. Robs voice was perfect, he's surely got 10 more years in him. Highlight for me was KK lifting Rob's arm up for another round of applause at the end, he looked truly humbled by the roar of the crowd. Another funny bit, possibly only visible from the front was during the crowd sing-along before You gotta ... , Scott was already behind the drums and Glenn kept trying to walk out from the curtain stage right but Rob wouldn't stop the sing-along and they shared a laugh. Great feeling on stage, they really did seem happy to be there [ as others have said]. Brilliant, god-like performance and one of the highpoints of my life, would do it all again in a heartbeat [although I may have to sell my heart to afford it!].
Met two Kiwis on the train on the way there, and another on the train after. Must have been a few of us made the trek over [ and to Brisbane and Melbourne probably too]. Great to get the world tour shirt which includes New Zealand!
Whole thing was magic and totally surreal from start to finish. Awesome! Yeah, what the hell happened to Cavalera Conspiracy?
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