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TOPIC: Sydney Australia Gig
[chiefmegadeth] Friday, September 12, 2008 6:39:24 PM 
The gig was truly AMAZING! WOW!
Me and my 3 mates went...
We all loved it...
The crowd was ok?
But no one was standing most of the time felt wrong!
I was like screw this,at least half the set list i was standing,some with one of my mate
Headbanging like a MADMAN!Going off,Screaming for Vengeance! haha
I was in Door 4 Row B Seat 79 behind the PA up abit
Would of got floor seats,but one of my mates couldn't afford gold.
and i really wanted him to go...

Crowd could of been better,but they got into it

Iron Maiden crowd was AMAZING! they went nuts
But over all i think Judas Priest had Maiden beat hands down
With Setlist,Guitar madness,drumming and Vocals!!!!

KK Downing and Glenn Tiptons Guitar work was Crazy,whammy bar action and solos.Loved it!

1-Dawn of creation(Intro)
3-Metal Gods
4-Eat me alive
5-Between the hammer and the anvil
6-Devil's Child
7-Breaking the law
8-Hell patrol
10-Dissident Aggressor
12-The hellion/Electric eye
13-Rock hard ride free
16-Hell bent for leather
17-The green manalishi(with the two-pronged crown)
18-You've got another thing comin'

Awesome setlist!
I was really happy,cause there are so many great priest songs
I really wanted to hear Nostradamus,and One shot at Glory
but at the end i didn't care...they went off!
Metal crazy!

There where couple of Idiots Smoking near us that got kicked out!
What did they expect was going to happen...
Judas Priest are playing and you're worrying about having a smoke?WTF! Junkies!
You cant wait 2hours?so they payed the price...

Opening bands where
Mortal Sin great band!
other band where good but i dont know the name of them
not really metal,but good

Oh and one of my Favorite bands of 2008 had to pull out!
Man i was crushed when i found out!
It would of been Heaven!
Im a really big Sepultura fan...So brothers back together,just prefect
Great Cd also...
But hopefully they tour Australia!

I bought $100 worth of Priest gear...

Anyway guys have a good one Edited at: Friday, September 12, 2008 6:40:35 PM
Edited at: Friday, September 12, 2008 6:46:14 PM
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