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TOPIC: No "SINNER" on Metal Masters Tour, 2008
[NicoPriest] Friday, September 12, 2008 4:22:32 PM 
So i'm the one that posted this topic.... I saw Priest in San Bernardino, CA and it was awesome!! the next day they player in Northern California and that was the end of the Metal Masters tour! BUT, that wasn't the final Priest gig. The next day i went to see them in Las Vegas which was the last gig of their tour. There was no opening band, i got front row. Talks about a longer set was all over it that day. They play the WHOLE set INCLUDING "Sinner" and "Death". I was screaming my lungs out during Sinner. I was one of the lucky ones that got to hear those songs live. I can die in peace now!! :)

Rob did a great job during Sinner. At the very end, he nailed all the screams "Sinneeeeeeeeeer" "sinneeeeeeeeee" i looked to the people next to me and they were all "dude.... he's nailing it"!! it was beautiful :D

I kind of regret not recording "sinner" or "death" on my camera so i can show you guys but at the moment, i didn't want to spend my time focusing on recording! i just wanted to enjoy that moment as much as i could!

I have a little video of Dissident Aggressor posted on my page though:


And also, you can see my shirt collection in that same page and on KK Downing's webiste, in the "Fan Profile" section on "downing street" :)

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