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[aussie dead man toad] Thursday, September 11, 2008 5:14:54 AM 
the aussie dead man was at the first australian gig priest did at the brisbane entertainment center and wow man it was fan tastic except for the dam opening band what a big mistake the band was more of a load of garbage not in the least bit heavy metal more soft grunge the crowd was ready to rush the stage if they kept singing 5 songs was more than they deserveed then electric mary came on now that is a dam good band can't help fealing ive seen some of that band in other groups at some stage hell they got the crowed all fired up for the metal god to come on and right frome the start priest kicked ass altough some elements in the crowed should have just kept theire mouths shut and left well enough alnoe the rest of us just moshed it in the pit the mesiaha of metal marvellous marc and the aussie dead man toad sang every dam song we were surprised though that they did leave out some of the priest clasics but hell who cares we got the full priest experience rob and the boys gave it therir all and at the end rob did look like a roast chicken in the light i can honestly say from the bruise brothers ( toad & marc ) thank you rob for the experience of our lifes and we do recomend everyone go see the boys
( the aussie dead man Toad )
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