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TOPIC: How You Got Into Hard Rock/Metal
[fruehaw] Sunday, September 07, 2008 3:19:22 PM 
I got into metal in the most rounadabout way possible, I think.

I was a little kid, maybe 8 or 9, and there was a garage sale up the road.  My little brother, older sister, and I walked down to see what we could find.  I think mom gave each of us a quarter.

I found this cool-looking 12" record with monsters on the cover.  My sister told me to get this K-Tel (remember them?) record instead, because the monster record was scratched (she probably liked some of the songs on the K-Tel record - Star Power it was <grin>)

Anyway, the KISS single Christine Sixteen was on it.  At the time I didn't like it, but fast forward about 3 years and I dig the record out and played it again.  I thought it was all pretty crap except for - you got it - that KISS song.  So I bought Love Gun on cassette.

I quickly got into more bands like Iron Maiden (Seventh Son was my first) and of course, Priest.
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