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[WhiskeyWoman] Friday, September 05, 2008 8:49:21 PM 

Metal God/Electric Eye,

  Vegas rocked, JP rocked, and all The Fans & Ladies of "Sinfully...", rocked.

Cool venue, as "The Pearl" is small and intimate, not one bad seat.  No back-up bands, and lots of older stuff we didn't hear at the two concerts here in Canada -- like "Sinner", and "Eat me Alive".  Other fans said they hadn't heard this stuff in over 20 years.  Was different from the others.  They really cranked it up a notch...

Met some very special fans from all over the states.  Was cool to be part of it.

And ...
they said they'd be back in two years for their 40th anniversary.  We are all doing it again, see you there.

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