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TOPIC: Tour 2008
[~ MG_Metalgoddess~] Friday, September 05, 2008 4:10:01 PM 
LOL @ HB  so how was the snow fall....????????????  and you say I live in winter peg?????   Just kiddin..
I saw pictures of the snow in Canmore, Even though I hate snow.. It did look beautiful.   

So hows it going on youre side of the country?????

Yeah Testamant thier sound wasnt that great.. The singer was distorted even.. Alot of people at the MTS center got up into thier 2nd song, and went out to the refreshment area, and stood out there until they were done..  I watched them play, But I wasnt that Impressed. Couldnt make out 1 word to any song they sang, the singer sounded like he had the mic in his mouth....  I was worried that the hole concert was going to have a bad sound... But when the Priest came on.  They were clear as a BELL.  So IDK??? 

anywse take care good to see you out here..

Hugs Mg~
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