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TOPIC: Point Of Entry - underrated?
[VICTIM OF METAL] Friday, September 05, 2008 3:46:03 PM 
It really wasn't what i expected from these guys as a follow up to a british steel album, and songs like Grinder, and Breakin' the Law. But this is where Judas Priest and i meet. While drinking beer underage (shame on me) back the woods, we hear on the radio, a live concert of Judas Priest. I remember they opened with Solar Angels, and i melted into the seat, and thought to myself  these guys rock. I wanted to see them live, but i would have to wait till next  tour (screaming for vengence). Saw them twice that tour, 20th row, dead center in N.J., Brendan Byrne arena. The other was in Madison Square Garden, so-so seats. Both times i believe Maiden opened up for them, turning me on to a new band at that  time. Sorry i got long there, yes Point of Entry is underated to me. In 2005 i got to hear/see them (7th row, glenn's side) play Hot Rockin' live, one of my favorites. I'm getting closer,lol...
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