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[judaspriestess] Wednesday, September 03, 2008 11:26:19 AM 

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEee  HEEEEEEEEE...AHAHAHAAA!!!! vegas so KICKED ASS!!!! JEANINE!!!!  I HEAR YOUR VOICE IN MY HEAD!!!    as Jeanine said, the guys were freeking fantastic.  Another new thing was Rob had a very uhm..."Spinal Tap Moment" similar to say, "Stone Henge" LOL.  he was pushed out on a "Metal Throne"  i had to laugh, but it was so damn fun, and it was ROB! so it was perfect.  ok, so when KK did the solo for sinner?  picture him, the classic 80's KK, that classing footage of him from Judas Priest Live, and you have the idea, only multiply that times 10.   that was me...i was on fire, he was on fire, he melted me.  i know my mouth was hanging open, because i remembered to close it at one point.  and all of us ladies were on the rail btw, so we had THEE best view ever of the guys.  when KK did that solo, he was right in front of me.  i've got it all on video, but have to figure out how the f to get it off my phone!!!! it wont let me email it to myself, so im getting a bit perturbed.  and by all, i mean the solo. LOL. not the whole show.  the guys were in a great mood, Rob was vocally, so fucking good.  he hit notes that i've not heard him hit since the 80's and 90's!!!!  there were times when he reminded me of the fuel for life show.  oh dear god, and when they did rock hard ride free, and eat me alive?  i was a gonner.  oh god.  it was so good.  they were so good.  

LOL, the night before when we all met at the Loose Caboose, ( i still say its a fitting name!) Freezies princess had purchased sharpies and poster board for us.  (thank you again sweetheart!!!) so we all set about making our signs for the show after we had eaten.  we were all there.  we get to the venue, and nope.  gotta hand over the signs!!!   so now what?  well, we get in there and Doll has the paper tickets printed, so we used the silver sharpied and the backs of the tickets to make a couple signs anyway. bwahahahaaa!!!  well, she made one that said "Sinner" with an arrow pointing down, so when you hold it over your head, you says your a sinner.  well, we held it up, and Glenn read it, and nodded his head, pointed and basically said.."yep, we're gonna play that tonight:"  AHAHAHAAA!!!  IT WAS AWESOME. though, we weren't requesting it!  anyway, it was amazing.  freeze can attest to the fact that we were all on the jumbo screen numerous times.  they kept showing my shirt i'd made apparently.  my eyes were locked on the blue eyed one, so i didnt notice.  though at one point, i did stretch it out when the camera guy was in my face to show it off.  KK read my first sign, laughed and i think pointed.  (doll? clarification?) he read the second one and said "Thank you!", smiled at some "cleavage" i was showing though i didnt see that, i looked away, but Doll says he did.  then he reached out and took my hand at the end of the show, after he came to the front of the stage to read my shirt.  he liked it.   

i am hoarse, i have whiplash, and my heart is heavy.  not like the metal either. LOL.  i miss the girls, so much.  we had a glorious time.  LOL, after the show was over, picture this....a bunch of 40 50 something metal heads pooring out of a venue, INSIDE the casino full of NON metal heads, screaming, HOLLERING, CHANTING, "PRIEST PRIEST PRIEST".  it was so freeking crazy!!!  all through out the casino, the hotel, you could hear us, hear the call of the Priest.  god damn, it did my soul good.  


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