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[mgdman] Tuesday, September 02, 2008 12:57:37 AM 
Well I just returned from the show! Before I start my review, did everyone know that this show ( Shoreline Ampitheatre) was the last on the Metal Masters Tour? Well it was so I'm wondering who was on the bill with them in Vegas Monday??!!  Testament, Motorhead and H&H said this was the last show for them.  Just Curious...
Here's the dope on this show...
Testament--  Good set but too loud. Sound was a little distorted but for them that was probably the way it was supposed to be.
Motorhead--  Great set. "We play Rock-N-Fuckin Roll" said Lemmy!! And they did just that. First time seeing them and I'd go again, strong songs kept the crowd going and a great drum solo. He killed on it, smoked Vinnie Appice.
Heaven and Hell-- These guys flat out know how to put on a show! Aside from Vinnie, the theatrics were sepectacular! Ioomi is a genius and Butler is amazing with what he does on that bass! Dio is one of the ultimate front men, he went out into the crowd three times during the show,s
while singing the song!!  I was very surprised by this performance.
Now for the METAL GODS!!
ABSOLUTELY FUCKING AMAZING!  From the opening Dawn of Creation into Prophecy thru the set it was intense, smooth, engaging, fun and the best show ever!  Rob looked like he was having more fun than the last tour, talking and saying hello to the lucky front row peeps. Glenn was stellar on all his parts, clean and right on time. KK was a man possed!! He shredded all night long on every song. Eat Me Alive was stunning!! Devil's Child another killer! The sing alongs, the head bangin' and of course the screams were all perfect! The addition of Green Manilishi as an encore was classic! Overall the BEST Priest show I've seen!!  Can't wait for the next tour!
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