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TOPIC: No "SINNER" on Metal Masters Tour, 2008
[Kurt Hoffman28917] Sunday, August 31, 2008 10:44:33 AM 
..and yet , they still played "dissident agressor" , less often performed than sinner in all of their tours ,,,, and noone make mentions of this..... this is one of the better setlists that they have done in a while... we are getting songs I never thought they would play, "hammer and the anvil", "hell patrol" "eat me alive", they aren't just doing
a greatest hits set, I was happier with this tour than the last one, exept getting to hear "victim of changes" again was awesome in 2005. I saw them in Pittsburgh and I was thrilled to see rob more animated and interactive. It was worth the long trip from Baltimore to see them and before I started off my return to my elementary school gig! Indeed their music teacher is a metalhead and so are alot of my kids' parents!!! In a way I am greatful for games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band for getting them
into it!!!!   Ok I didn't expect to blog but there you go Happy Labor Day wekend to all and keep on rockin'
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