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TOPIC: JP fans kick more ass
[.] Wednesday, August 27, 2008 11:00:18 PM 
I think the tickets are at an all-time high because of not only because of the gas but also because of what it costs to hire the people who set up the show, the company that is hired to set up the show, the scalping done by Ticketmaster and such companies, the rental of the venue, etc etc.
In the end, it's the people buying the tickets that decide how much those tickets go for. For well established bands, and Judas Priest is well established, many are willing to dish out quite a lot for a few hours of entertainment. If each band member gets a "few" thousand of dollars every night they play, I say Power To Them. 
But as for allowing for a bunch of tickets to be taken by companies like Ticketmaster, who then charge anything they want, puts me off buying anything. 
If there was a stall to buy tickets directly from the band, giving abusive ticket companies the finger and have the money directly given to whom it belongs to, I would purchase from it.
Back in 79 or early 80's, Judas Priest already existed and went through a tough economic period, with OPEC screwing everybody for all that it was worth and bands still toured, tickets got sold, record companies were still making money.
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