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TOPIC: My Intro thread.
[tha ancient metaller] Wednesday, August 27, 2008 7:01:25 AM 
I suppose I should introduce myself. My name is Glen, AKA The Ancient Metaller, and I'm one of the mods on Rob's personal site forum, The Metal God's Quorum' as it's known. I've been a Priest fan since 1976, and a Sabbath fan before that, back to 1970 in fact, so I'm truly 'ancient' in every respect. I've just hot 60 years of age, I've got 5 kids, and I was told on my birthday that grandchild number 8 is on the way. 

I've got my ticket to see Priest in a couple of weeks in Brisbane, and it's for the mosh pit so I'm not scared of getting right into the heart of the action. I'm also hoping to get a chamce to meet the band, I did so in 2001 during the Demolition tour, and I'd love to meet them again, this time with Rob. I'll be wearing my Halford Quorum T shirt if any other Aussies are going to be at the Brisbane gig, I'd say there's a fair chance it will be the only one in the arena, so I should be easy to spot! 

Peace, Glen.  
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