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TOPIC: nostradamus ( the best so far ) ?
[Dime/UNDER BLOOD RED SKIES!!!!] Tuesday, August 26, 2008 3:48:03 PM 
See this is something i really wanted to talk about,Ive heard alot of people voice there opinion on the new album and i was really suprised to hear negative things about it. Some going as far to say that the new album is not metal. Not Metal? what the hell, how can you say that this album is not Metal, sure that alot of mellower sounding songs, they're not all out balls out hardcore heavy metal songs like the title track, but that was the concept they chose to sing about. Nostradumas couldnt have had that exciting of a life he was just a fortune teller. I think the title track well for me is very reminiscent of painkiller( not as brutal, or as insane an ending) For someone to say that Judas Priest one of the few God fathers of Heavy metal have shied away from the sound that they helped create is i think pretty ignorant. A big example would be point of entry.I bet when that album came out alot of fans were disappointed, i sure was when i bought it, it grew on me after awhile but comparing that album to the one before would have been kind of the same situation. British Steel compared to point of entry? I'm sorry but there's no contest there for me. British steel is one of the all time greatest Metal masterpeices of all time, point of entry well im not sure where that would fit in. The lyrics on that album were extremely disappointing compared to the previous album, and i wonder if alot of fans were saying the same thing back in what was it 81? I wouldnt know personally because it was four years before i was born. To the non believers of Nostradumas, well thats your opinion, but dont go saying that because this album isnt heavy metal to you that the band wont continue to make the music that they themselves helped define. Halford, Tipton and Downing have molten Heavy Metal flowing through there veins, for me the new album is a wicked example.
 I wonder if those bitching about the new album consider Rocka rolla a Heavy Metal album? That was about as Mellow in points as Nostradumas without the insanley heavy main title track. 

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