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TOPIC: A New Cold War ?
[Palmer Griffiths] Sunday, August 24, 2008 7:19:02 PM 

I Just wanted to add a little more on this subject. What I'm about to say is not aimed at the entire American People.I have nothing against Americans, but those few who are on top of the Ivory Tower Like the Government and Big Business etc. Altough I find what's going on in that region of the World alarming the U.S. is claiming Russia has attacked and Invaded a soveriegn Country ..But what about the United States? They've done that sort of thing countless times in Latin American Countries and other nations around the Globe.They had Fulgencio Batista in power in Cuba who was corrupt as Well the Sha Of Iran who was put  in power and Henry Kissinger was quoted as saying " He's a Bastard,But he's our Bastard." They've installed Governments in Countries as long as it suited there domestic interests.Now they're coming to the aid of the Georgians? I didn't exactly see them do that when there was a Genocide going on in a place like Rwanda.I guess there was no Oil Reserves or other natural resources for Big Business to exploit. Just want to close off with what The Late George Carlin stated in his bit called The Owners Of this Country " You're not Free ! You're Owned.The owners of this Country they own you.They own all  the important Land they control and own the Major Media outlets and they have The Senate,Judges,Congress all in there back pocket.This Country was bought and paid for a long time ago.They got you by the Balls! It's a Big Exclusive Club and Guess what !..You and Me..We're not in it." This can be said for my country to and others as well.

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