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TOPIC: Meet up for '08 concert
[.] Monday, August 18, 2008 7:55:26 PM 

Standin outside on a friday livin on tha edge,
cuz we all got dem hard heads.
Its seems like we all are waitin,
For a drive by playin tag wit satan.
But we chillin yeah we ready and willin,
Ya hear about tha latest westside killin.
Forty sippin,
Set trippin,
Fo dippin,
Get tha grip in,
Neva slippin.
Bgs tryin tah hang out,
But og said take ya little ass in tha house.
My big homey just got out,
Used tah be down now hes just crack ad.
Hes bout hard as darth vada
In his sweat shirt, khakis and chuck taylors.
Just see him in the drive way,
Gettin beat like a smoka fool cuz its friday.

 That Ice Cube concert, guido?

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