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TOPIC: Priest' set list
[Capitaine Formidable] Wednesday, August 13, 2008 8:29:32 AM 
Hi,I was at the concert last night at Le Centre Bell in Montréal,Québec on 8/12/08.
Set List
1-Dawn of creation(Intro)
3-Metal Gods
4-Eat me alive
5-Between the hammer and the anvil
6-Devil's child
7-Breaking the law
8-Hell patrol
10-????(maybe,from the sin after sin)So I've heard.
12-The Hellion/Electric eye
13-Rock Hard Ride free
16-Hell bent for leather
17-The green manalishi(with the two-pronged crown)
18-You've got another thing comin'
From 8:50Pm to 10:30Pm
Opening Act:Voïvod
So you say there is a place to find the set list,but i'm not very good with blogs,actualy it's my first.
I cannot find it,so if you could tell me wich song from the sin after sin album is in the set list it would be appreciated.Thank you.Claude Gagnon from Montréal,Québec.
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