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TOPIC: Noise Curfew - Metal Masters Tour 2008 US
[VICTIM OF METAL] Tuesday, August 12, 2008 7:19:09 PM 
He wouldn't play at the PNC ART CENTER.  I don't  think he has ever. To small.  The artcenter has an issue to settle when it comes to concerts that have bands that play metal/hard rock. It's the drinking that goes on before the shows. That's why the beefed-up troopers in the parkinglot. Starting the show earlier never would have happened, this does not reduce the drinking, it would have increased it. knocking one of the two opening acts off the bill, or cutting their setlist might be the way to do it. People dying in your parkinglot  isn't good. Doesn't matter if it's drugs or booze. Underage drinking is a big problem at these shows, we all did it when we were much younger. They have made it a point to stop it, or at least try to control It. I'm not happy either, but PRIEST isn't gonna be playing MSG anytime soon. So i'll drive the 40 mins. and deal with it.
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