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TOPIC: Noise Curfew - Metal Masters Tour 2008 US
[Mr. Dave Genocide] Sunday, August 10, 2008 9:32:16 PM 

Hell, everyone wants to fuckin' see the main act, Judas Fucking Priest!

I don't see why they'd force Priest to cut their set list, that's absolut bullshit.

Thank god when they came here to MN (Aug. 2nd) it wasn't part of the MMT, and I got to stand at front row and fuckin' bash out to all their songs!

New Jersey has some fucked up laws, and this one would have to top it...
Noise Curfew . . . That's the saddest shit I've ever heard...

Whatever, I'm done...
Thank god I don't live over there, and I apologize to y'all who had to take part in the humiliating act of a Noise Curfew...

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