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TOPIC: Bristow VA show
[metaldog] Friday, August 08, 2008 11:13:25 AM 
I saw the concert last night at Nissan Pavillion.  It didn't rain, the weather was very nice, and the venue not too crowded, surprisingly.  I didn't see too many drunk/high people, and the crowd seemed mostly older - 30s and 40s (I'm 46) and even older.  Everything was outrageously expensive - we spent about $130 on beer and food and water.  We had pretty good seats and I had binoculars too.

I didn't care for Testament, so didn't really listen to them.

Motorhead, was, well, Motorhead!  Same as they always have been; one song sounds like another.  They did Ace of Spades but did not do Iron Fist.

Heaven and Hell was good.  Iommi's guitar was perfect.  Dio has a nice voice, but ZERO stage presence and his lyrics have always sucked.  I never have been a Dio fan, but it was worth it to see Iommi and Butler and Ward.

Priest was very very good.  Halford didn't seem to exude the energy I always remember him having but his voice was good.  He struggled a bit on Painkiller, but I don't think there's anyone else who can sing that song!  He changed coats for every single song and I'd like to have some of those coats he was wearing!  I bet some of them weighed 50 pounds with all the metal they had on them!

I wore earplugs so have saved my hearing - it was LOUD!  

And I have come away with another great memory of a great metal concert!
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