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[DEN1673] Wednesday, August 06, 2008 11:34:32 AM 

Hello everyone, I hope all of you are doing very well. I’m doing great. I just wanted to inform you of the Step Forward Walk this year. It will be held at Over Peck Park in Leonia, N.J. on 9/14/08.


Here is a registration link for the walk, it’s free to register this year but donations are encouraged.


Link to register:  The Nephcure Foundation's Step Forward Walk- Northen New Jersey


Here is my personalized donations page link for the walk, any amount will help. I raised $100.00 dollars last year but this year I’m shooting for a bit more. I appreciate everyone’s help with their donations and I hope to see more of you out their walking this year. Thank you so very much!!!!!


It means a lot to me.


Link to my Personal Donations Page:



Thank you for all the support, if there are any problems with the links feel free to email me are I’ll try to help you out with it.


Your Friend,

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