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TOPIC: Why Such a Limited US Tour
[belknapwyo] Saturday, August 02, 2008 8:54:12 PM 
Anyone else majorly bummed out about the crappy tour dates in the US? I COULD NOT BELIEVE that the Priest wouldn't be coming to Denver, CO! A lousy 20+ dates? Please, PLEASE tell me that they are adding more dates later? I've been a Priest fan since junior high! I have seen so many Priest concerts and brag to my kids how great EVERY ONE OF THEM WERE! So Priest puts out a new album, I run right out and buy it, play if for my kids and tell them they are ALL going to the Priest when they come to town (they are finally old enough)! YEAHHHHH! But WTF, the closes they come is 600 miles away in Kansas City, MO! To say I am severly disappointed is an understatement! They came to Denver in '05 to a sellout. Now they ignore us and skip pass us for a buck. It's been posted in other topics that Priest can make more money overseas than in the US. How sad. Is that what Priest has become about? Shunning their US fans so they can make a buck overseas? Amercia helped make Priest and now they are thumbing there nose at us with a lousy 20 dates! Heck, Motley Crue came to Denver, CO, yet the Metal Gods can't be bothered. Poison, POISON, can come to Denver, CO but not Judas Priest. How disappointing!
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