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TOPIC: Knew it was too good to be true
[Scott Gavin] Friday, August 01, 2008 3:09:20 AM 
Hey guys, really appreciate your thoughts. When we first heard they were finally coming to NZ my wife said she had never seen me so happy, that I was walking on air. [ which is true, as we are under considerable stress right now, economy wise]. Something was not right the whole way through though. For one thing, there was never a link through this site for tickets, the only date like that except Korea. Second, no VIP tickets. Third, the floor was all standing when all the comparable venues in Australia are partially seated. Fourth,the ticket prices were the same as Australia, when once converted they should have been higher. Fifth, the Auckland date was added about two weeks after the Australian shows were on sale [ and once I'd begun planning a trip to OZ!]. Finally [ although I'm missing something I'm sure!], you'll notice the New Zealand date has dissapeared from the tour schedule alltogether, it doesn't say cancelled like Croatia etc, just dissapeared [ insert X-Files theme here!].
I'm gutted, suspicious .... and going to Sydney, 'cos I just bought a ticket for my wife and I , 'cos lifes too fucking short and Rob's 57! You only live once right! Wil be the first time our baby daughter has been without us overnight and its a big outlay [ nearly $2000 - seeing as we've already lost our non-refundable luxury hotel night in Auckland!] especially for about 30 hours overseas, but I swore black and blue, that if Priest ever made it as far down as Australia [ less than 3hr flight] I'd go, well, we're going, even if it means our kids won't eat till Christmas [ actually they wanna go too!]. Thanks all, the mystery deepens [ Ticketmaster told me they'd sold heaps of tickets, so who knows]
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