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TOPIC: As Danny Glover said " I"M TOO OLD FOR THIS @#[email protected]!"
[Palmer Griffiths] Tuesday, July 29, 2008 12:35:21 AM 
 Actually I have no idea why she did that.Either she was trying to get close to the stage or get involved with the mosh who knows.Most of the people that were doing it were younger people.Most of the older crowd that I could see weren't into it , but there was the odd older person that wanted to test themselves in the mosh.As for me it's just not my cup of tea.It was happening towards the front of the stage but it was a select few people that were doing it. Some were getting annoyed by the fact that they were getting shoved by the moshers including myself. Like I said before I just wanted to sing along,watch the band and enjoy the show.
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