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TOPIC: Philosophy of Judas Priest's Lyrics
[brian  dawe] Monday, July 28, 2008 4:39:51 PM 
l love the way that the conservative wankers always blame heavy metal for violence drugs unemployment fuckin war in the middle east .what the dickheads don't realise is that metal appeals to the disaffected the disenfranchised Judas priest sings in breaking the law..'' YOU DON;T KNOW WHAT IT'S LIKE !!!!!! At various times music is all you have ask anyone who has ever been unemployed or down on their luck.....Those Aboriginal kids in the gangs that love heavy metal didn't choose to be born in the degradation that they suffer...just as some bloke in the midlands didn't fuckin ask for the factory to be shut down ...or some kid in some shit town in the middle of nowhere didn't ask  for copping shit off the local pigs because he  doesn't look like a ''normal '' kid ....  it is the music of the underdog and the fantastic sounds that judas priest create evoke an aural soundscape of metallians , electric eyes , turbo lovers. painkillers , exciters, sinners tyrants and metal gods that take you far away from the shit of the everyday...even now in my forties i love to let Rob and the boys transport me to places that only exist beyond the realms of death....

have a good one...!!! brian
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