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TOPIC: As Danny Glover said " I"M TOO OLD FOR THIS @#[email protected]!"
[Palmer Griffiths] Sunday, July 27, 2008 11:15:18 AM 
 Hi folks ! I saw Judas Priest for the first time live at McMahon Stadium in Calgary Alberta.I've been a fan since I was kid so it was a real treat to finally see them live for the first time. They were on the Ozzy  Osbourne Monsters of Rock tour and there set blew me away ! only problem I had was with the moshing. I think I'm a little old for that and well I just want to be in the crowd and enjoy the show and sing along with the music without having to pick my spleen up off the floor *LOL* Hey if people want to mosh than cool but hey not everybody wants to do that. I just want to kick back sing along and enjoy the show.As well there was the odd member of " The Idiot Population" who got full up on Liquid courage that was itching to start a fight and wreck the good time of others and as Danny Glover said in Lethal weapon " I'M TOO OLD FOR THIS SHIT !" *LOL* anyhow I may get some criticism for my post , But hey I'm just expressing my opnion. I want to go to a show  where I payed my hard earned money to enjoy  and not have my back thrown out ,my nose broke or teeth knocked out or deal with some idiot who can't hold his liquor wanting to start a fight and wreck my good time and that of others who payed there money to enjoy the show.I'd like to be able to go home afterwards to my baby daughter in one piece. Anyhow Priest did an excellent set and they didn't dissapoint.They were well worth my hard earned money so anyhow to the rest of the fans be safe and When Priest comes around enjoy the show because they won't dissapoint. Respectfully,Palmer Griffiths.
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