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TOPIC: priest autographs
[chewie025] Saturday, July 26, 2008 1:41:58 AM 
i collect autographs and NEVER sell them.  so to say i'm a pissed off ebayer is ignorant to say the least.  and yeah,  to pay $400 and see them for less than 1 minute with the band is for die hards.  i paid $1000 for the ozzy meet and greet and we got drunk with the band.  and then had 5 to 10 minutes with ozzy.  that was worth every penny.  call me what you want but you can't deny what happened.  glen threw a hissy fit.  maybe he had a bad day,  maybe it was the meds,   either way, he acted like a child.  i think it was because he doesn't like to sign guitars and he thought i was an ebayer just like you labeled me.  and he and you are wrong. 
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