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TOPIC: priest autographs
[chewie025] Friday, July 25, 2008 12:31:10 PM 
last night in vancouver glen threw one of the biggest hissy fits i've seen in a while.  almost as big as what kid rock did.  he was signing my buddy's guitar,  (after a bit of convincing)  and i was setting up my camera.  the flash accidently went off and glen turns around and says "did you ask if you could take that photo?"  then dropped the marker,  said something under his breath and stomped away like a baby.  then the body gaurd said we had to go.  i love priest,  i have all my life,  but last night i lost all the respect i ever had for glen tipton.  if you don't want your picture taken then don't be famous.  rob,  kk,  ian and scott were all awesome and total class acts.  glen on the other hand is a whinny bitch.  glen,  if you don't want your picture taken then just retire.  don't tour.  sit in your house,  grow old and be as much of a bitch as you want.  just remember,  it's fans like me that buy your albums and don't download them.  it's fans like me that make sure at least 10 of my friends will attend the show,  buy shirts and merch.  show some respect to the fans like the rest of the band did. 
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