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TOPIC: Point Of Entry - underrated?
[T-Dogg] Monday, July 21, 2008 3:28:48 PM 
 Point of Entry is an extremely underrated album.   Many a metal fan were confused by this after their breakthrough album, British Steal.  I recall listening to Desert Plains and Heading Out to the Highway when I was 14.......way back in '85.  These tunes take me back to those days.  I've been listening to Point of Entry again, you could say for the first time....and have rediscovered a classic.   Turning In Circles is a great tune that should get more recognition than it has.  As a loyal Priest fan I'm going to see them in 8 days in Saskatoon and have a V.I.P. package and get the opportunity to meet the masters of metal themselves.  This is beyond a dream come true.  Just thinking of what to say to the guys when I get to the pre-concert meet and greet?  Rock on loyal fans!!!!!
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