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TOPIC: Discuss the new Album
[Nikitah Imani] Monday, July 07, 2008 9:31:17 PM 

I grew up in the crossroads between hip hop and metal. They were both born of resistance culture and I was into that from birth. :)  Both metal and hip hop in their way gave the finger to the system. So I played them together with bombastic type symphony music which is why Priest, Pink Floyd, Rush, and Purple as well as Sabbath and some others really spoke to me. Far as I am concerned it's all blues. Sarah Vaughan sang it, Billie crooned it, Muddy played it, Little Rich and Chuck Berry rocked it, Sabbath ground it to E chords, Priest speeded it up and made it bombastic. Priest doing Johnny B Goode was trying to bring it full circle. It all comes from this deep sense of opening the social envelope. Subvert the dominant paradigm...defend the faith.

Dp Da Reapa

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