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[aceroperuano] Sunday, July 06, 2008 1:03:03 PM 
I want  to make things clear, I adore Judas Priest, I live for Judas,  I even constantly sware over the symbolic image of Rob leather pants or studed leather jacket(I actually do!), but.......but I really don't like this album, and I think that being a Judas Priest  doesn't mean that i should be bland at the hour of critisize his work, or praise every new album they get out like is a new painkiller or stained class,  so  this is it: this is not a good Judas Priest album, why?? lets see, Rob: great vocals, Glen and KK: awesome guitar player, Ian hill: he do a good work, Scott Travis: excellent drums man, so why this is a bad album?? because almost 90% of the song are midpaced, kinda low tune, a profuse use of synth(cut it out!), I mean a little is right but for godsake this is Judas Priest!! heavy metal in its purest form!! and I wanted like that, this album have a bland sound and not Priest sound,  it haves its moments(War, Visions,etc) but  I think this is the "hey  guys!  lets make  experimental/conceptual music just for the fun" album,this should be a one disc album, cause were many fillers songs this time, what amaze coming from a band like Priest.

 I think this was unavoidable, they have to make and experimental album so they could grow musically and see what it fits really with Judas Priest music and style, I give this album a 6.5 on a 10 scale, and believes me, it hurts me to gave that pointage, I only hope next album would be better.

So this is it, now you can stone me to death for been a Judas Priest heretic,  but at least I know that I feel better(or worse, depend how you see it) for writting these here...this is my katarsis.
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