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TOPIC: AC/DC Chat line
[jerZgirl] Friday, July 04, 2008 12:53:24 PM 
AC/DCs lyrics have never been deep of meaningful actually-they were juvenille with Bon too.   Classic example: "Can I sit Next To You", "She's got Balls", etc.  The abiltiy to make lyrics like that sound so damn good is part of what makes the band. 

And they always kept a bluesy feel-from the beginning-listen to Drity Deeds and High Voltage-most of the tracks are bluesy.  Yes they are rock-n-roll, but they are more bluesy than heavy for sure.  Only in around the time of Fly On The Wall they changed their format.-80s big drum production and all that.  Which I dont mind, loved Fly.     

Ballbreaker had a few great songs on there...I love the title track for one, The Furor, Hail Ceasar. 

But hey, thats why the Band made so many damn albums-we can all have our faves! 

Though I must say-and I HAVE to say it-is the album "for those about to rock-we salute you" was VERY dissapointing.  I never listen to it.   Though the kids that buy the t-shirts at Target and Wal-Mart don't know that...


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