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TOPIC: What would a current definitive setlist look like?
[Screamin' Demon] Wednesday, July 02, 2008 8:24:30 AM 
So, if Priest were to do a definitive 'Priest show filling the set with essential 'Priest songs, how would you think it to be? Considering how it looked in 2004, and the release of Angel Of Retribution and Nostradamus. My reasons for the setlist I provided are: Death is the new brutal 'Priest song (it's as good as "Black Sabbath" the song...and it is a must for a 'Priest setlist) and blows A Touch Of Evil out of the water, Diamonds And Rust is dated and unoriginal compared to Angel, and Judas Rising is like a theme song for 'Priest.

The Hellion / Electric Eye
Metal Gods
Heading Out To The Highway
The Ripper
Judas Rising
Breaking The Law
The Sentinel
Beyond The Realms Of Death
Turbo Lover
Victim Of Changes
The Green Manalishi
Hell Bent For Leather
Living After Midnight
You've Got Another Thing Comin'
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