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TOPIC: Is the las vegas show all Nostradamus?
[neardark [Banned]] Sunday, June 29, 2008 5:04:27 AM 
Boy someone got there panties in a bunch..Look pal I pre-ordered the album and have heard it twice threw a set of Yamaha s12 speakers.So that shuts down half your argument.Second this album is boring..Atleast Turbo was fun..and that album gets slagged all the time.You think Pain Killer was Priest best album?I suggest you try Stained Class maybe?..Third Rob's voice is going way down hill..He still smokes and it shows..Have you heard him sing painkiller on the recent tour?..Third can Priest get any worse managment Jayne Andrews should have been fired years ago..I am going to see Priest on this tour..and I am sorry to say this will most likley be there last as Judas Priest..They should of took that 2 and half years to write just 8 great songs..and do what they do best..Judas Priest style heavy metal..Instead we got Spinal tap 2.0
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