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TOPIC: Snippet From The Latest Kerrang Interview(June 28)
[J.D. DIAMOND] Friday, June 27, 2008 2:52:33 PM 
So Judas Priest won't be slowing down anytime soon, then?"  

Well,to be honest......with the new album "Nostradamus",I think that they have slowed down as about as slow as they could possibly get! lol!
I mean was it really needed to put approx. 10 ballads on the album?? I know that some of these are only about 2 plus minutes long....but still there are about 7 full blown tracks that are ballads.....even the 70's Priest did not do that.....I think that they got way to carried away in the studio....maybe they forgot they were creating a "metal" album and thought they were producing a movie??? I don't know,but approx. 107 minutes of soft slow balladish material was not needed to express Nostradamus and his life experiences........if they are expressing his life through this format...then his life must of put alot of people to sleep! lol! 

I also think that the song Nostradamus was the best song on this album,nothing on this album comes close to this quality of song........if all tracks were like this one and the album was reduced to about 10/11 tracks with maybe 2 ballads,then this album would of turned out much better in my opinion,..but hey. 

I don't know why Judas Priest have always felt like they have to try and change "metal" and update it's sound every 5 years or so.......Turbo....Demolition...and Nostradamus are the 3 albums where the band left it's roots to far back behind.

Look at Angel Of is a "Heavy Metal" album like "Screaming For Vengeance/Defenders Of The Faith/Painkiller era....but does not sound like them,or did not copy them....and has its own original sound...and stays within the ballpark of heavy metal....I think the band went to far into trying to make something "different".  I don't want something "different"......I wanted "JUDAS PRIEST" cranking out traditional british heavy metal,but thats just my opinion.

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