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TOPIC: Nostradamus CD....what do you think?
[Eternal Betrayer] Monday, June 23, 2008 12:01:18 PM 
I think my main problem with this album is the guitars (or rather lack of them - rhythm guitars, certainly). There are a lot of catchy hooks, and memorable choruses etc, but when it comes to some of the guitar work, it appears to be so far down in the mix & in some places so washed over by the keyboards (or guitar synths) that the word "tame" or "lame" spring to mind. 

This is a Judas Priest album after all, and one would expect rather more than the occasional, and in places, almost apologetic, toned down riffing. The rhythm guitar is the main weapon of attack for any self-respecting heavy metal band, and also gives many a song a true set of balls. Without it "vicious" can easily become "vacuous" or turn "titantic" into "timid".

Before I'm scorned as just another "in your face, all the time merchant", I would just like to add that two of my very favourite Priest tracks are "Run Of The Mill" & "Dreamer Deceiver" which have more than their fair share of light & shade - something I very much appreciate in a song, or two - not a whole album though!

Nostradamus is a good album, an excellent soundtrack score album even, I'm just not so sure how great a Judas Priest album it is (Conquest, Pestilance & Plague, plus Future Of Mankind even sound like Iron Maiden in places), but I shall keep listening to it, and will go & see them on tour in the UK (in 2009, hopefully - saw them at Download 2008, and they were brilliant!), and if they want to do the whole album live - fine, I'll be there!

All hail the mighty Priest, and keep the faith. 
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