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TOPIC: Nostradamus CD....what do you think?
[Brent Robinson] Sunday, June 22, 2008 9:34:34 AM 

I have to say that this was a very nice "surprise"!

Does anyone else out there think that after all is said and done for the boys, that music history will place this disc within the "Top 5" essential Priest discs? I have been listening to this none stop for the past week and think that this is a brilliant piece of work. It shows a lot of labour and thought went into this project and it was nice to see them taken out of their comfort zone and give us this result.

The first tracks that got to me were WAR - especially because I was geared up for a heavy take on this topic - yet they let Scott shine on this and went for mood. Excellent! Then it has to be NEW BEGINNINGS. Absolutely my favorite track so far - it just has a hypnotic feel to it. The rest are starting to gel as I find myself humming the verses and choruses during my everyday routines (always a good sign!).

I look forward to seeing if they actually plan on performing this from start to finish - it would be one tour for the history books, that much is certain. I hope that the positive feedback keeps on coming and that the rest of you are enjoying this disc as much as I am....

Keep The Faith!

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