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TOPIC: Al Atkins Autobiography
[Tephra Rising] Friday, June 20, 2008 4:21:35 PM 
I just went onto the Blabbermouth site and damn near laughed my ass off at the comments posted.  I think I would read the Atkins bio (all 3 pages of it) for sheer morbid curiosity if for no other reason.  But you can't help but feel as though Al seems to want to do some coattail-riding the way Gull Records liked to regurgitate up new versions of "Best of Judas Priest" etc. in a pathetic cash grab effort.

Here's something else to think about......if Atkins is such a marvelous singer, how come after he left Priest nobody ever heard of him again (other than a historic footnote in the world of metal history).  And if Priest had gone reggae or something, would he be on the cover of this book sporting dreds and a tie-dye shirt smokin' a fatty, mon???  Instead of the leather jacket?  Makes you wonder.

Now look out.  Pretty soon that guy who sang for Iron Maiden (before Di'Anno and Dickinson) is going to write a bio.  I think there was a one singer or maybe two before them. 
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