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TOPIC: "THE LEAK" Nostradamus cd preview
[JayDee  Jepsen] Wednesday, June 11, 2008 12:52:20 AM 

Ok-I've been a Priest fan for 25+ yrs and when I heard the "Visions" and "Nostradamus" songs I was excited and pre-ordered my copy of the new cd. Now that I've listen to the whole cd I have to honestly say I've never been more disappointed and let down than I feel now.  I give JP credit for trying to take on such a ambiscious project but they've gone WAY out of the bounds of HEAVY METAL and basically wrote a lame (exception of about 4 songs) ballad cd.  This makes me seriously long to listen to Queensryche's Operation Mindcrime, which is by far heavier all the way through than JP's Nostradamus.  

Had I know there would be such a plethora of SLOW songs I wouldn't have spent the money on the cd. I understand the idea of a Nostradamus  concept cd but not the need for a "metal opera".....where and how the fuck does metal opera come together?? This is a contradiction in terms.  Why couldn't Priest just made a (at the very least) a hard rock concept with rocking songs all the way through VS a big batch of slow boring..zzzzzzzz. songs-with the exception of Persecution, War, Visions, Nostradamus?  Priest really needed to take a page out of Queensryche O.M. and attach it to Nostradamus then we would have something!

I am going to the 7/22 Seattle show with Testament in hopes of the OLD Priest songs... If and when they come around with the full Nostradamus show you'll see a lot of empty seats because no one will want to go to a HEAVY METAL show looking to shake their fists and bang their heads only to stand(or sit) through a bunch of slow songs sprinkled with heavy good songs.....

This cd may start out strong on the sales but will quickly fall flat and put back on the shelf while fans grab PAINKILLER!!

I'm sorry to be harsh but I have to be honest.......I'm very disappointed.

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