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TOPIC: To be a young fan...
[ScurpiPriest] Tuesday, June 10, 2008 3:26:28 PM 
I say this because:

  • I can't find ANY friends on my age( who lives here where I live, of course ), who loves Judas Priest like I do.. I also can't find any fans...
  • The old people tell me I'm listing to satan music... and that I'm a satanist. I know I'm a 14 year old  metal head from Norway, but that doesn't make me a satanist :D
  • People hate me when I say to religious people( then I mean VERY, VERY religious); Your god hates fags... My god loves fags..
  • People often think I'm not a real fan, I only like em because of Painkiller and Breaking the Law. But seriously, I love em more than you can imagine :o
Anyways, I just wanted  to share, because I have no idea. I want to show the world my English is good. Okok, I just kidding.

Love, Scurpi.
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