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TOPIC: Judas Priest Nostradamus War music video
[Scott Gavin] Saturday, June 07, 2008 4:19:10 PM 
The animation is a bit ropey. I guess its cheaper now to have people in an office program up a music video than actually film one, although obviously a 'real' video of this nature would be impossible. Song isn't as catchy as Nostrodamus. People on this site keep saying that Visions is the first single, I never saw any press release saying that, or news item. I did read several reviews saying it was unlikely there would be a single release off the album. Very few bands in this genre release singles now. It may mean the song has been released to rock radio as a promotional single for airplay, but in that case why didn't they make a video for That song ? I notice with great sadness that they have missed New Zealand off their tour again. I will probably fly to Australia to see them [ which I can't really afford], needless to say thousands of metal-heads in this country are filling message boards with desperate pleas for them to come here. What a shame, so close and yet so far!
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