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steel panther sucks
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why is this bar band opening for priest and why is priest playing small venues

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[J.D. DIAMOND] Monday, September 15, 2014 1:18:39 AM 
 Yeah I can agree, bringing  SP is a joke and I'll be showing up late because of it but this point who cares.....Redeemer Of Souls kicks ass big time for me to forget the rest of the politics involved.  

But it would be better to see a heavy/power metal band play even if its bands I personally dont care for : Grave Digger,Blind Guardian,Primal Fear,Helloween,Iced Earth,Gamma Ray ect.....
...but live it would be fun to see because its heavy metal....not a spoof glam rock band.  

But again,its just not that much of a distraction for me because of how good this album  is. The younger generation getting into Priest  are calling it one of the best ever.  Judas Priest did something right thats for sure.
[dimitri kafantaris] Sunday, September 14, 2014 9:00:09 PM 
 I'm really disappointed that the best metal band of all time is riding on the wind on the sales of their biggest charting CD of all time and we're stuck having to painfully watch a stupid ass joke band open . And why are priest playing 3000 seaters on probably the last tour? Honestly if I didn't think this won't be the time I see them , I wouldn't be going because of steel panther alone. Priest always has great bands opening. Wtf
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