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Signed band photo request for friends wedding?
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Judas Priest fan/friend from South Korea getting married

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[Trixi] Monday, July 29, 2013 8:23:19 AM 

 Best wishes to him!!

If they are really true Judas Priest fans, then they will be united for the rest of their lifes, through the might of Judas Priest, Metal God will bless your friend!

It´s a nice topic, through Judas Priest are all able to find their Prinz Charming!!

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[khensori] Monday, July 29, 2013 8:12:36 AM 
Hello all, this is my first post and it's a request/hope/fingers crossed plea for my friends wedding on 11th August.

My friend Hun Su from South Korea is a massive, massive Judas priest fan and he's getting married to his lovely wife to be on 11th August 2013 in Seoul.

When I used to live over there we were both metal heads and would spend our late nights/early evenings (as everyone works very late over there) singing our hearts out with a few Soju's and tankards of Hite beer to Judas Priest songs in the Incheon/Seoul Nori Bang rooms (Korean versions of Karaoke). Even though I'm back in the UK now this is one thing we'll always remember singing/shouting out "Breaking the law...breaking the law".

If anyone from the band/website admin team/forum admin team or otherwise senior forum members see this post and know a way that  (a first time poster/member in the introductions section) would be able to pull this off, I'd be very grateful if you would be able to send me a PM with your thoughts on this.

The message I 'd like on the photo would be "Making it Law, Making it law! Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Hun Su Choi on your wedding day" and signed by Rob and the band.

If all good, then I'll provide my UK address for the signed photo to be sent to myself, I would then post the photo to South Korea.

Thanks all,

Edited at: Monday, July 29, 2013 8:40:25 AM
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