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Algy Ward Tank
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The controversy around nwobhm band "Tank " current state...

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[Tyrant] Sunday, July 29, 2012 9:13:14 AM 
I never heard of them, will try and listen to some .....

Tyrant ..
[aceroperuano] Sunday, May 13, 2012 8:12:34 PM 
 So I have created this topic to talk about Tank cause I read Tank is going to put out a new album this year, I was impressed taking in account that the band was in a hiatus since 2004 album "Still At War" due to Algy Ward(bass player, vocals, founding member of the band) illness that make him unable to record and perform live, due to this the band replace him with Doogie White(Yngwie J. Malmsteen, Rainbow, Pink Cream 69) for live perfomances and even recorded an album in 2010(War Machine), I thought this was just a momentary thing since Algy is the voice, mastermind and soul of Tank, and the right thing was to wait til he get better, but in the end Algy didn´t get better and the rest of the band continue without him, now this is not like Judas Priest case,  when, even if I didn't like the stuff with Ripper,  it was a project made with 4/5 of a classic Judas Priest line-up, but this does'nt even have a half of Tank classic lineup, not even original band members, plus this version of the band don't have the blessings and approval of Algy, who actually is the owner of the the intelectual property, name and logo of the band, so..I think you see my point, also Algy is putting out a new album, Sturmpanzer, that for my personal taste sounds more like the original Tank than this new Tank, here is a sample:

To know more about the reasons why Algy can't play alive and why oes he not approve the new "Tank"(currently touring) check out this links:



All in all I want to know your opinion about this issue and similiar issues(like the 2 Saxons or 2 L.A. Guns and stuff like that).

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