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Moscow JP show
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My impression of the concert


[Hyppogriph] Thursday, April 19, 2012 2:53:21 AM 
Hi guys,

I am Gregory, born and lived in Russia for the whole life... I've been on JP concert yesterday... and you know what?

Judas Priest are rocking as HELL!

They played all the songs i love except Dream Deciever... thogh they almost don't play it in live shows, as i recall. And i REALY enjoyed the show. From the first chord to the last note - it was great!
It realy felt, the band is rocking! You know, on some concerts the artists are standing and playing with an air:"Yes-yes... here we are, we are f*cking great..yeah... and we love you too, just don't bother us, we were payed for the concert, so eat what you payed for". And it was DEFFINETLY not that case. IT WAS META-a-a-a-a-a-L!!! The energy was bursting from the stage on us with every song harder and harder....

OnTurbo Lover i realy gone mad, that is the song, i've heared for the first time in Carmageddon 2 PC game (not sure, but it seems, it was the first one i've ever heared from JP).... soooooo it was great!

Don't want to add anything to the short phrases above - cause just can't express all the emotions in words, you just have to be on the show.

By the way, have you been on their shows recently?

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