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Mexican JP fan didn't make it to the gig in Mty
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Mexican JP fan will make it to the gig in Aichi, Japan!


[AnaCalavera] Wednesday, October 05, 2011 10:05:41 PM 
 :) Hopefully. I never been to the other side of the world. This is the wildest thing I would ever do in my whole life. Other than being a random copilot to random bikeriders. 
I hope I get one of the very first tickets. 
Still don't know how to get tickets to a Japanese venue. 
My japanese isn't good enough yet >_>

Greetings Vaillant 3.0!

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[Vaillant 3.0] Wednesday, October 05, 2011 9:43:02 PM 
Cool story Ana! Sucks you couldn't get to the gig in Monterrey. Good luck in catching one in Japan!
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[AnaCalavera] Wednesday, October 05, 2011 9:37:47 PM 
P.D. This is me. :)
If you wanna befriends with me... talk to me here!
[AnaCalavera] Wednesday, October 05, 2011 8:31:01 PM 

Greetings to all Judas Priest fans


My name's Ana Valdés. I am from Matamoros, Tamaulipas. Mexico. I am 25 years old.
Currently working as an Art teacher at a public school. But, my dream job is to be a concert and world photographer. 
I studied darkroom photography, and now I am working digital photography (still, it's not the same to shoot with a film camera than with a digital camera. I am more of a film photography fan)

I started listening to Judas Priest since I was 15 years old. First album was Painkiller.

Must start...

I am living in a bad dream

Last monday october the 3rd, it was Judas Priest concert in Monterrey. My terror was to couldn't be able make it since I am barely recovering after a spine surgery.  Had to dismiss my ticket. That night, I was laying on the bed, checking the Auditorium's facebook updates of which songs Judas Priest was playing there. I feel like a tiger locked in a corroded cage. 

I wanted to be eaten alive... :(


My surgery was a extremely important decision that had to be made because I am a big dreamer and I need my spine to work properly.

I suffered spondiolisthesis for about three years this illness. This happened because I was physically abused by my bloodsucker boss. She asked me to lift heavy stuff, which I naively did because I craved for the position she told me I was going to get because I was very responsable, and yadda yadda.
I was not only physically damaged, but also in a psychologically way.

 I have been a victim of changes ever since after I was released from the hospital. My days are so dull... so boring.. so lifeless.

Must confess that this opportunity of seeing Judas Priest playing live, was going to be my very first and my very last. 

Yesterday, I checked the JP site and realized that the very last gig is going to be in Aichi, Japan. Yes. I am willing to go all the way on the run to Aichi, Japan in order to get to see them once and for last time. That would be my greatest conquest. For sure.

Yet, I must let know also that my biggest dream was to work on a photography project.. documentary of the "Last Goodbye of Judas Priest." I wrote to several magazines and newspapers of Monterrey to be a photographer with freedom. To photograph from the very arrival of the band until the very end.

If there's anyway I could achieve this evil fantasy, that would ORGASMICALLY wicked and awesome.

I will fight for that the awakening of this terrible dream will happen somewhere in Japan, at a venue, witnessing the greatness of this Legendary British Heavy Metal Band in the very front of the stage, to cry my last tear thanking for shaping a strong woman out of me, and to sing with my soul entirely along with Rob Halford's voice. I need to get this fire inside me out at that Judas Priest concert! I MUST TO.

During my physical rehabilitation, I was feeling terrible. But Judas Priest has helped me to overcome this distressful period of my life by developing me as a tough woman... a woman who does know what she wants, what she expects...

If there is a guy living in Japan who can help me giving me advice, I am dying to meet you
I have so many questions like: 

The seats are numbered? Or whoever gets first will be the first to get his seat?
In which webpage, I can be able to get my Judas Priest ticket?




My epitah would say

screaming for vengeance, a reckless turbo fan who died watching Judas Rising.



 p.s. Did you realized why there are certain words in bold? ;)

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