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Priest Live in the UK!
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Wolves Civic

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[dawnflint] Sunday, July 24, 2011 4:40:27 AM 
Saw them yesterday at the High Voltage festival and THEY WERE ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!

2 and a quarter hours of Priest, Priest and nothing but the Priest! \m/
[iain 28103] Saturday, July 23, 2011 6:40:30 AM 
 Hi Priest fans
After about 25 years of comments like"turn that down" and "do we have to listen to this?" wife surprised me by getting two tickets for the Mighty Priest at the Apollo in Manchester.
Following the blistering show, with a set list harking back to Rocka Rolla, the incomparable Mr Halford et al, have given my lady a new lease of life.........
I must admit that I was devastasted with the news that KK would not be touring, and was a little concerned if  Ritchie Faulkner could fill the IMMENSE void that was left, but all credit to him....he didn't disappoint !!!!
A complete visual and audible spectacle, performed by the Metal Gods themselves, (as only they know how), is a must see show !!!!............. miss out at your peril.

Best wishes to KK for his future plans, and many thanks for his unique input and style that has helped to mould the Priest into what they are.
Good luck to Rob, Glenn, Ian, Scott , Ritchie and the road crew for the remaining tour.
Thanks for the show boys.......long live Judas Priest.
[.] Friday, July 22, 2011 3:24:52 PM 
Thanks, John.
It IS a live show so I don't think anyone can expect it to come out like in the studio.

Rob Halford will always have my undying support
[John Murphy32445] Friday, July 22, 2011 2:48:01 AM 
Wolves Civic 21st July 2011

Made it! Despite my knackered old van almost packing in!

They were on form, really on FORM!!!

Rob pretty much nailed every vocal, his voice is a true powerhouse live. Everytime he nailed a scream he seemed to shake his fist in congratultions to himself, pretty much like a weight lifter does after every succesful lift:)
Only one part went wrong and it went dramatically wrong! The high bit in the intro of Blood Red Skies, literally sounded like a tape machine that was spinning out of control slowing down and speeding up, when someone puts up a vid on youtube you'll see what I mean. Even Ian looked over with a 'WTF' expression on his Having said that it is a bloody difficult part to sing and everything else was flawless.

Sound was excellent at the Wolves Civic. The band played superbly.
Loud!!! They were indeed loud, especially Scotts Kick drum, it was literally shaking my whole body!
The crowd was great, being the home crowd you would expect that, many encores finishing with 'Living After Midnight'

The Mighty Priest Roared!!!

Miss this tour and you'll be kicking yourself for eternity. You've been warned:)

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